Social Media Optimization

SMO Package Plan Silver Gold Platinum
Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Cost Per Month Rs.17,325 Rs.22,275 Rs.32,175
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SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING (Promote business through Networking sites)
Product Feed in shopping sites (Google, Kaboodle)
Social Bookmarking (Stumbleupon, Digg, Reditt, Delicious) 100 /Month 200 /Month 300 /Month
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VIDEO MARKETING (Video to be provided by Client)
No. of Video to be promoted (You Tube, Metacafe, Google) 1 1 2
Video Submission 10 20 30
No. of Photos optimised (Flickr, Photobuket) 10 20 30
ARTICLE/PR SUBMISSIONS (Article/PR to be provided by Client)
Article Submissions (#of directories) 50 (2*25 /Month) 75 (3*25 /Month) 100 (4*25 /Month)
Press Release Submission (# of directories) 25 (1*25 /Month) 50 (2*25 Month) 100 [4 /Month (20)]
Blog Setup (Wordpress, Blogger)
Blog Posting 30 50
Set up of RSS Feed submissions for visitor 10 /Month 20 /Month
Directories Submissions (1 way permanent links) 15 30 As per requirement
Google Product Search Feed (E-commerce only)
Search Engine Submission
SMO Activity Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Google Referring Sites Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
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Minimum Contract Duration 3 Month 3 Month 3 Month
Cost Per Month Rs.17,325 Rs.22,275 Rs.32,175
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SMO means Social Media Optimization is a process to invite traffic at your website. If you are experiencing less rush on your website then you need a SMO package for it. There are professionals who are working in this domain and have the skills to make your website visible enough and make it highlighted. This is to increase awareness about website and hence to get business growth.

Types of social media involved here are Twitter, social news, blogging, video etc. all these are used to promote a website fairly. If you are searching for social media optimization in Delhi, then you can find Axis Softech. We are a company which provides SMO Packages in Jharkhand. We are a leading company for SMO packages in India.

SMO and SEO are interrelated, when any page on social networking sites are liked by users that page gets a vote, this earns ranking for that page. With Infinite Net Solutions you can purchase a customized package according to your requirement and your budget. It is today┬┤s most useful tool which is able to get you more and more customers and by this more traffic can be generated on your site. This will make it a high ranking site.

There are different ways of SMO procedure, like blog postings, video postings with relevant content and exciting pictures which are useful and meaningful for the viewers. Good content and innovative videos are the key to attract audience to your website and this in turn will raise your business.

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